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Social Networks

It is important to display your social media addresses on your site and enable social media sharing for each of your posts. This is a very important way to get traffic. Social media is available out of the box in the Yuki theme, no plugins are required!

The options for setting up social media are distributed in the following places:

  • `Customizing -> Header Settings -> Socials` (You can place social elements anywhere in the header with the great header builder)
  • `Customizing -> Footer Settings -> Socials` (You can place social elements anywhere in the footer with the great footer builder)
  • `Customizing -> Global Settings -> Social Networks` (You can config your global social networks account here)
  • `Customizing -> Single Post Settings -> Share Box` (Show share box in every single post)
  • `Customizing -> Pages Settings -> Share Box` (Show share box in every page)

Social Media Account Setting

We allow you to dynamically and fully customize the configuration of your social accounts. You can pick the right Icon from hundreds of brand icons.

In the free version you can add up to 4 accounts, in the premium version there is no limit.

Description of each option

  • Label – Social network brand name
  • Link – Your social network address (used in header & footer socials element)
  • Share Link – For social media sharing link formats, you can use {url} instead of the url of the current post and {text} instead of the title of the current post. Some frequently sharing formats are mentioned at the end of the document.
  • Official Color – The official colors of social media
  • Icon – The Icon of social media

You may be confused about the difference between a URL and a Share Link. In short, the URL points to your social page, which is used in the site header and footer for the social buttons through which users can find your social media page.

Share Links is a fixed sharing format that is not the same across different social media formats. It allows visitors to quickly share your page to their social media, and you can see the share buttons in the footer of each post.

Frequently shared links

BrandShare Link
Hacker News{url}&t={text}

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